About IntellectPeritus

IntellectPeritus word itself represents Intellectual Experts grouped to provide Innovigence means Innovative Intelligence that you can trust.

IntellectPeritus is a globally recognized consulting company, offering strategic & comprehensive solution of Intellectual Property, Technology & Market Research to a global clientèle including Fortune 500 & FTSE 350 companies, Law/attorney firms, Technology corporations, Start-ups, Venture capitalists, Patent brokerage firms and Individual inventors.

IntellectPeritus is founded by seasoned professionals and having a technical team of young & experienced members who are having expertise in diversified technology domains. We are absolutely convinced that in addition to provide best quality and promptness of services, being trustworthy and ethical are essential for the success of our IntellectPeritus.

The EXPERTS in exploring INNOVIGENCE available deep inside of your PATENTS

Vision & Mission

To provide excellent quality of analysis clubbed with Innovigence Coronium & Innovigence Corona to all our clients, with only goal to fill the gap between quality analysis and interpretation of conclusive results to make smarter business decisions, by providing Innovative Intelligence (Innovigence), that you can trust.

Core Team

Pritesh Gohel

Founder & Managing Director
(Head of Technology & IP Intelligence)
(Regd. Indian Patent Agent #IN/PA 3210)

Tejas Patel

Founder & Managing Director

Nimesh Patel

Principal Associate (Research & Analytics)

Chintan Gorasiya

Principal Associate (Research & Litigation)
(Regd. Indian Patent Agent #IN/PA 2567)

Imran Samol

IPR Attorney & Legal Counsel

Nivas S. Potti

Business Development Manager

What sets us apart?

Expert team with diversified domain expertise

Team of young & experienced members who are having solid technical expertise in diversified technology domains.

Robust Search Methodology

In-house developed proprietary search methodology to reduce or eliminate irrelevancies and deliver high level quality.

Confidentiality & Security

Understand the importance of data confidentiality in our line of service. We ensure confidentiality with all possible legal & IT measures.

Attitude towards Service Promptness

We are fully committed to meeting the best in class quality standards and timely delivery of our client's work.

Innovative Deliverable Tools

We have in-house developed industry leading patent information & competitive intelligence tools/platforms. InnovigenceCorona®, InnovigenceCoronium®, InnovigenceCORE®

Execution Transparency

We believe in trustworthy long-term business relation with our all clients. We are maintaining complete execution transparency by sharing full search strategy (patent & non-patent).


Our experience and use of technology allow us to deliver the best quality services at market competitive prices that lead to huge cost savings for our clients.

Client oriented Customization

We respect to our all clients' requirements. We understand their requirements and deliver custom solutions & reports at customized effective cost.

Client Relationship Models

IntellectPeritus has experience of working with different types of clients with entirely different needs. We pay full attention to every minute detail regarding their requirements and adapt our solutions accordingly. We believe in forming long-term mutually beneficial relationships by suggesting Innovative Intelligence (Innovigence) based on our extensive experiences. IntellectPeritus provides a precise and convenient engagement models to the unique needs of its clients. These models have been designed to provide a flexible operating environment and maximize the value of engagements. Engagement models are

Project based engagement model

In project based engagement model, client work is delivered on a demand basis. This model works best for you if it is difficult for you to forecast workflow or you require any immediate support for executing a project.

In this model,

  • Client shares project requirements with us
  • We prepare a formal project proposal containing project scope, execution methodology, database coverage, timelines, and estimated cost. Thereafter, we will share the proposal with you for your review.
  • After receiving your approval on the proposal, we initiate the project. The output (i.e. interim and final report) is delivered in pre-agreed formats and as per the timelines mentioned in project proposal. Throughout the project execution, we keep you updated on the project’s progress via emails, phone etc.

Dedicated hours based engagement model

In this engagement model, we hold on to some fixed number of hours for you on a quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. In this model, the number of hours is fixed in advanced, whereas the work scope may change depending upon your requirements. We offer discounted hourly charge rate to you in this model and the extent of discount depends upon the number of hours booked by you.

This model works best if you have some predefined tasks which need to be performed periodically such as technology or litigation alerts, newsletters etc.

Dedicated Team (FTE) Model

IntellectPeritus assigns dedicated experts teams to clients. Also we provide applicable infrastructure and accurate project management to meet client-specific requirements. Majority of our clients engage with us through the dedicated team model.

This model works best when you have constant workflow and you want dedicated resources who can work on your projects. Further, you can create some very useful resources by investing in training them on your specific technology segments.

In this model,

  • Project report content, project team members, compliance, process (methodology), quality, timings are designed to meet client's precise needs
  • Most cost effective model for the clients. (Reduce cost by > 28-30 %)
  • Easy to handle unexpected workload as there is a team completely dedicated to the particular client
  • Complete utilization of subject matter expert & experienced team member
  • Regular feedback and reporting of the project to the client by the assigned project manager