Search Expertise

Fundamental Challenges of Search

  • Limited time period to complete search
  • Search is highly affected by search person’s background knowledge
  • Industry language changes over time
  • No spelling standards (i.e. lengthy compound often misspelled)
  • Not uniform technical abbreviation
  • Keywords are ambiguous (i.e. cell can be of wireless communication technology cell OR biological cell)
  • Most of time single patent having multiple patent classes and similar technology patents having different patent classes
  • Citations - Records are retrieved because of connection that examiners have made
  • Assignee/Applicant/Inventor - misspelled names and alternate versions (i.e. patents having assignee as its subsidiary company rather than a parent company)

IntellectPeritus Approach to Overcome Challenges

Expert & experienced team

  • Our searchers are top rankers from leading universities and postgraduate programs, and with solid technical expertise. They are complemented with rich professional search experience in patent field. Our search experts also have worked for technology-leading organizations in various technology domains for decade of years.

Wide range coverage with nuances of searching of patent and non-patent database

  • Our searchers have access to wide range coverage of patent and non-patent databases across globe. They deeply understand the strengths, weaknesses and nuances of searching them and hence know where and how to search for maximum impact and effective search results

Unique search model to reduce or eliminate irrelevancies

  • Keyword: Exhaustive patent/non-patent literature search starting with narrow to broad approach using all possible synonymous and similar technology terms. It also includes foreign language search terms.
  • Keyword + Patent Class: Restrict keyword based broad searches with carefully selected patent classes.
  • Citation: Detailed and comprehensive multi-level citation analysis using our proprietary algorithms to rectify database errors in collecting citations.
  • Patent Class + Assignee/Applicant/Inventor: Search with carefully selected patent class in combination with most prominent applicants and/or inventors. It includes corporate tree of company with all subsidiaries