IntellectPeritus is a globally recognized and specialised Intellectual Property, Technology & Market Research consulting company. We serve Fortune 500 and FTSE 350 companies by offering strategic & comprehensive business and information management solutions.

Our eminent focus on providing excellent quality of research & analysis (patent & non-patent) clubbed with interactive, secure, web based industry leading tools Innovigence Coronium® & Innovigence Corona® to all our clients, with only goal to fill the gap between quality analysis and interpretation of conclusive results to make smarter business decisions, by providing Innovative Intelligence (INNOVIGENCE®), that you can trust.

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Global Patent & Scientific Information Search

  • Patentability / Novelty Search
  • Freedom-to-Operate / Infringement Search
  • Invalidation Search
  • Patent Watch
  • Chemical Structure Search
  • Bio-Sequence Search

IP Analytics & Research

  • Landscape Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Technology / Competitor Watch (Alert & Monitoring)
  • Patent-To-Product Mapping (Evidence of Use)
  • Problem-Solution Mapping
  • Technology White-space / Gap Finding & Analysis
  • Key Assignee (Competitor) Analysis

Patent Filing, Prosecution & Office Action Response

  • Filing & Prosecution Support
  • Application Drafting
  • Patent Proof-reading
  • Office Action Support / Response Preparation

Trademark / Logo Search & Analysis

  • Trademark Search & Monitoring
  • Trademark Portfolio Management
  • Trademark Filing, Registration & Prosecution
  • Trademark Opposition (Indian Patent Office - IPO)

IP Concordance Mapping

  • Product, Patent, Trademark, Premarket Notification (510K), Premarket Approval, Recalls and Clinical trials

Expertise & Sample Reports

INNOVIGENCE® Deliverable Platforms

On-line (Web based)




IP Intelligence Support
Well organized Centralized Repository System with improved user management
Cluster-map to get a horizon view of competitors & interested technology
Patent-to-Product Mapping to determine most important patents from large patent portfolio, and helps in Licensing & Merger/Acquisition
Problem-Solution Mapping to allow new dimension to look at & strategize competitor developments and emerging markets
Completely customize and dynamic Advanced Trends & Co-occurrence Matrix
Alert & Monitoring solutions to keep you up-to-date with latest innovations
Smarter Business Decisions Insights
Side-by-side comparison with detailed in-depth analysis and important drawing
Monitoring possible white space to get new patented innovations
Wide range of analysis data filters to quickly generate precise and dynamic actionable insights
Customized and Enhanced Export of all information for off-line users
Complete Execution Transparency approach by sharing full search strategy (patent & non-patent)
Secure & Collaborative environment by 'Private' & 'Public' rating and annotation for smooth information exchange

Our Core Team

Pritesh Gohel

Founder & Managing Director
(Head of Technology & IP Intelligence)
(Regd. Indian Patent Agent #IN/PA 3210)

Tejas Patel

Founder & Managing Director

Nimesh Patel

Principal Associate (Research & Analytics)

Chintan Gorasiya

Principal Associate (Research & Litigation)
(Regd. Indian Patent Agent #IN/PA 2567)

Imran Samol

IPR Attorney & Legal Counsel

Nivas S. Potti

Business Development Manager

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